Chef Howard Snitzer began his cooking career when he moved to Aspen in 1974. He was washing dishes at the Hickory House and not doing a very good job.  One day in May, 1975 he was the passenger in a Jaguar XKE that went off an 85 foot cliff on Independence Pass.  He was held overnight in the hospital because although there were miraculously no major injuries to him or the driver, he was in shock.  The owner of the Hickory House, Temple Allen, called him at the hospital to tell him he was about to be fired but that he felt bad about the accident so was giving him another chance, as lunch cook, with a dollar an hour raise.  Chef Snitzer, who has come to believe that humor is essential, likes to say jokingly that he started cooking because he couldn’t make it as a dishwasher.


Howard graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in 1978 and went directly from there to work and train at the Europa Hotel in Scheveningen, Holland where he received classical training the “old fashioned way”.


He has held many challenging positions such as Executive Chef at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, 8 years as Executive Chef with Marriott Corporation in Chicago, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Atlanta, Westin Providence and more recently, Executive Chef for The Grill at 41 North and Christie’s in Newport, Rhode Island.


Meet Chef Howard Snitzer

Chef Howard Snitzer

These days Chef Snitzer loves to work with the freshest ingredients he can find which means working directly with local farmers.  He was so much of a supporter of local farming while in Rhode Island that he was asked to sit on the Board of Directors of the South Side Community Land Trust, an organization which helps fledgling farmers get started with inexpensive leases on farming land in and around Providence.  Chef Snitzer says, “I’d rather give my food purchasing dollars to farmers with dirt under their fingernails from working the land than hand it over to some corporate conglomerate.”


“I have developed my cuisine around a principle called “Slow Food”.  From sauces that are slowly simmered to aromatic braises and smoking where the foods are enriched by hours of cooking in all the flavors and “love” that are needed to prepare truly great food while turning all types of cuts into something spectacular developing “depth of flavor”.  I draw on all of my diverse experience every day in the kitchen.  I look forward to creating food for the patrons at Root Bistro and Wine Bar in Sturgeon Bay